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Beauty of Pune is now within reach

Weekend Tours around Pune- As we all know, Pune is considered at the city of countless epithets and is one of the most magnificent cities of India. This Queen of Deccan has a bunch of destinations to celebrate your weekends at.

Some of them may be at longer distances and some maybe just a few kilometers away, but all promise an endpoint that meets up to your potential.

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Places to visit- Near Pune

  1. • The Wildlife Sanctuary in Koyna is one of the best weekend getaways near Pune which is inhabited by panthers, sloth bears, giant squirrels, brown-capped woodpeckers, pythons etc. It is a perfect place for photography and picnics.
  2. • Tarkarli is another popular name among weekend getaways from Pune which is famous for its crystal clear waters and host of water-sports such as Banana Ride, rafting, hang gliding, Jet Ski, and scuba diving etc.
  3. • Tourist places like Aurangabad, Bijapur, Khandala, Lavasa, Ratnagiri, Nashik, Matheran, etc. has made it easy for the Punekars to plan their weekend to get some refreshment.
  4. • Diveagar is the best place if you want to celebrate the weekend at the serene beaches. This place is one of the most frequently visited places by the youngsters.
  5. • Bedse Caves is an adventurous weekend getaway near Pune located on the old Mumbai Pune highway. One has to Climb 400 steps of stairs to reach these Buddhist caves.
  6. • Amboli is an untouched hill station picture-perfect for a weekend getaway near Pune. It is usually visited by the honeymooners and couples due to its attractiveambiances.
  7. • One of the most romantic places near Pune is the Lavasa. It is beautifully cozied in small hills and has a splash of waterfalls and greenery all around.
  8. Apart from these, there are many historical monuments, religious temples and shrines, natural caves, parks and gardens etc. to explore and yes the hills Of course!